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Capitals vs. Flyers Third Period Thread

The Capitals started off the second period by killing off a hangover of a disadvantage from the first. The penalty kill is now 2-2 this game, and 11-for-11 in the playoffs.

Then, the captain Alex Ovechkin hopped on the ice and hid at the blueline, receiving a long lead from (who else?) Nicklas Backstrom, firing a snapshot that for any other player in the world is a throwaway shot to get a line change, but for Ovechkin is a goal. It would make it 2-1 Caps.

Late in the period, particularly foul skidmark Ryan White slammed Brooks Orpik into the boards, and Brooks, visibly shaken and possibly concussed, would not return. White would giggle his way back to the bench like a stew fart.

2-1 Caps after the second.

Third period ahead...