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The Narrative: Special Teams, the One That Got Away and the 41 That Didn't

Three things we're talking about today when we're talking about the Caps

Rob Carr/Getty Images

1. The Caps finished the regular season with the second-best Special Teams Index on the circuit, and we noted that as an area in which they held a decided advantage in this series... but no one expected performances like they've gotten through two games - League-bests 3-for-8 on the power play (two-for-two on two shots in Game 2) and 8-for-8 on the kill (including 1:07 of 3-on-5 time and another 41 seconds at 3-on-4).

And if it felt like it'd been a while since the Caps potted a pair of power-play goals in a playoff game... that's because it has:

2. Steve Mason had a great season and a very strong start to this year's playoffs... but last night's game-winner is going to stick with him for a while:

And here's an amazing stat from that tally:

3. But the biggest story so far has been Braden Holtby, who stopped 41 shots in Game 2 and is 60-for-61 overall so far. He's been... well, what say you, Twitter?

That'll do.