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Thursday Caps Clips: Playoffs Prep

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Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: The Caps are gearing up for the second season.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Your savory breakfast links:

  • The Caps have secured the playoffs, a Metro championship and the number-one seed in the East in near-historic fashion. So why does everyone look so glum? [WaPo]
    • Braden Holtby knows. [CSNMA]
    • Coach Trotz knows. "You can’t manufacture urgency. You can try to manufacture some focus points, but you can’t manufacture urgency. You sort of have to get your back against the wall to be urgent and we haven’t had that for a long time, for two months now." [CSNMA]
  • But pay all the gloom-and-doom some no never mind - there's a second season to prepare for!
    • Let's talk matchups. It could be either Philly or the Motor City headed to DC for round one. [FiCP]
    • Which team in the East poses the biggest threat to the Caps? Spoiler: Hank sez hello. [ESPN]
    • To rest or not to rest - ten more games in the regular season with not much on the line leaves the team free to focus on details and maybe rest some guys. [NVC]
    • The team is in no particular hurry to get John Carlson back from injury. That said, he's eligible to return on Friday vs. New Jersey, so stay tuned. [PHT]
    • Beware the Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: The Caps are gearing up for the second season.Burracuda. [S&S]
  • Alex Ovechkin stands at 43 goals on the season with ten games to get seven more to make it an even 50. If anyone can do that, it's the Gr8. But if he can't get to 50, can anyone else? [ESPN, CBC, NVC]
  • Mike Richards is taking care of business. [CSNMA]
  • Ladies and gents, your 2015-16 curling champions - Daniel Winnik, Jay Beagle, and Stanislav Galiev . [@Danwinnik34]
  • Mike Marson will be at the Verizon Center on Saturday for a special team tribute. []
  • Exciting times for Evgeny Kuznetsov ... [TSQ]
  • ... and exciting times for the fans attending Saturday's game who will receive this nifty Kuzya action figure. [Caps Outsider]
  • Finally, happy 60th birthday to Doug Jarvis.
  • One more: Ovechkin went to Capitol Hill to talk fitness with Sen. John Thune. This picture is everything: