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The Noon Number: First-Frame Fireworks

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A look at some rare first-period offense for the Caps

Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

3 - Number of goals scored by the Capitals in the first period of last night's win against the Senators, ending an eight-game streak in which they'd failed to score even one goal in the game's opening twenty minutes (and equaling their entire first-period offensive production from the last 13 games combined).

That eight-game stretch tied a franchise record for consecutive games without a first-period goal, equaling streaks set by the 1977-78 and 1997-98 squads, and is tied (with Ottawa, interestingly enough) for the second-longest such streak in the NHL this season behind Buffalo's ten games.

Those three goals were a good sign that perhaps that troubling slow-start issue is starting to right itself; small sample caveat, but over the last four games the Caps have a first-period Corsi-for percentage of 54.5%, and have only trailed once after the opening twenty in that time. Progress!

(h/t Elias)