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The Noon Number: Cheaper by the Half Dozen

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A look at a rare scoring feat against the Caps last night

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

1 - Number of times this season, including last night, that the Capitals have given up at least six goals in a game. The Caps became the 28th team in the League to allow six goals to their opponent with their 6-2 defeat in Pittsburgh; only Tampa Bay and Los Angeles have yet to do so.

Last night was also only the fourth time since the start of last season that the Caps have given up at least six goals (only three teams have fewer) and only the sixth time in 2015-16 that they've even given up even as many as five goals.

Despite this blip, their 2.35 goals-against per game rate is still fourth-best in the League, with only 167 goals-against so far this season.