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GIF: K-O-B Line Shows Some Creative Chemistry

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They may not have scored on this play but it looked pretty

Kenny Karst-USA TODAY Sports

We often hear about how important it is for a team to have a strong shift after scoring or allowing a goal. Occasionally this leads to coaches deploying their "energy line" right after a score, well after J.Staal tied Tuesday's game for the Hurricanes Barry Trotz elected to role out his new-look second line... and it almost paid off for him. 

While they haven't spent a lot of time together as a trio, Kuznetsov has spent a decent portion of his season with one player or the other and the "advanced stats" look good with both.

Player with Kuznetsov TOI GF% CF%
Burakovsky 418:48 54.5 52.5
Oshie 226:30 68.4 54.2

The sample with Oshie isn't small but it's unlikely that 92 and 77 will have a GF% of ~70% over the long haul. The new-look second line created a lot of chances in their first game together and will be at it again during tonight's game versus the Predators.