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The Noon Number: First in the Standings, Last in the First

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A continued beating of the dead horse that is the Capitals' first period performances

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

70.7 - Total minutes the Capitals have played with a lead in the first period since December 15, fewest in the NHL (Toronto is second-to-last with 84.3 minutes over the same period). Since January 20 they've led for 10.3 minutes in the opening stanza, and since February 10 that number drops to 2.3 minutes (in 16 games).

The Caps have had a first period lead in just 12 of the 39 games since December 15, in just 8 of 31 in calendar year 2016, in just 3 of 22 since January 20, and not once in the last five games.

Okay, we'll stop now.

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