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The Noon Number: Eight is Not Enough

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A look at how the Caps' power play fizzled last night

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

8 - Number of power-play opportunities for the Caps last night, with zero power-play goals on the night. That marked the first time the Caps had gone 0-for-8 with the extra man since a fruitless power-play outing against Montreal back on January 25, 2014, and just the sixth time in the last 18 seasons that they've had at least eight power-play chances and failed to score a single goal.

The last time any team had as many as eight power-play opportunities and no goals was November 16, 2014, when the Jets' power play was shut down by Minnesota.

On the flip side, the last time Florida killed off at least eight penalties was back on December 9, 2010, when the Panthers and Tomas Vokoun shut out... yup, the Caps.

Just a friendly reminder that Alex Ovechkin remains a very important part of this team.