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The Noon Number: A Significant Return

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A look at a pretty profitable late-round pick for the Caps

Laich: Geoff Burke/USA TODAY Sports; Bondra: Robert Laberge/ALLSPORT

156 - The pick used by the Washington Capitals to select Peter Bondra in the eighth round of the 1990 NHL Entry Draft. Bondra would go on to play parts of 14 seasons with the Caps before being traded in 2004 for Brooks Laich; Laich added 12 more seasons as a member of the Capitals before being traded to Toronto last night.

When all was said and done, those two players combined for 1703 games played and racked up 605 goals, 544 assists, and 1149 points in a Caps uniform (with another 40 goals and 48 assists in 138 playoff games).

Not a bad return for an eighth-round pick, by any means...

(h/t Ben Raby)