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The Noon Number: Penalty Parade

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A look at the Caps' recent inability to stay out of the sin bin

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

58 - Number of penalties taken by the Caps over their last 15 games, a rate of 3.87 penalties per game, up from 2.93 per game over the previous 40 (117 times shorthanded). The Caps have gone shorthanded at least four times in nine of the 15, something they'd only done 11 times to that point.

Slightly more troubling, albeit not all that surprising, is the fact that the recent lack of discipline has coincided with a bit of a penalty-killing slump. The Caps have given up at least one power-play goal in nine of the last 15 games, compared to 17 of the previous 40... a run which (also not surprisingly) almost exactly matches up with Jay Beagle's absence from the lineup, for what it's worth