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Capitals vs. Wild Third Period Thread

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There's a reason they call him #Obestkin. Alex Ovechkin recorded a Gretzky-esque tap in, and mere minutes later, a dragging roof-ripper to take the goal-scoring lead (33) away from Chicago's Patrick Kane, all while not being human scum.

Then, THEN, this funny thing happened to Tom Wilson!

The Capitals power play is no longer impotent as a mortified tortoise, either. The best hockey player in the world saw to that. Before Ovi's second goal, and not counting the empty-netter at the end of the game against Nashville, the Capitals had been 0-23 on the power play. Wild youngster Charlie Coyle got one back to make it 2-1.

OH BUT OVECHKIN WASN'T DONE. Ovi ripped one past Devan Dubnyk from close in the circle, and the Great 8 had a hat trick before the second period was even over. He now has 34 goals on the year, and just got a hat trick in a single period.

Pardon my French, but holy shit.

3-1 Capitals after two.

Third period ahead...