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The Noon Number: Three’s Company

A look at how the most recent incarnation of the third line has fared

Washington Capitals v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

62.1 - The combined even-strength CF% (via Corsica) for Andre Burakovsky, Lars Eller and Jakub Vrana since their recent introduction as the Caps’ third line. The three have skated just over 30 minutes together at even strength so far, but have seen 41 shot attempts go towards the opponents’ nets - compared to 25 towards their own - over that span.

That was on full display in last night’s eventual shootout loss, as the trio dominated possession at even strength. Burakovsky’s 64.3% CF at even strength was the lowest of the three (and tied with the highest ES CF% of any of the Flyers), behind Eller’s 67.9% and Vrana’s insane 80% - the two highest percentages of any forwards on the ice last night, for either team.