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The Noon Number: Follow the Leader

A look at how often the Caps have stayed ahead of other teams

Pittsburgh Penguins v Washington Capitals Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

29.64 - Average amount of time per game during which the Capitals are in the lead, third-highest rate in the League. In terms of both the total ice time (474.24 minutes total) and the average time per game, they trail only Toronto (478.17 minutes, 28.13 min/game) and the Rangers (515.28 minutes, 30.31 min/game).

The bulk of that time has come from holding the slimmest of leads, with just over 316 of the 474 minutes spent up by one goal, most in the League.

On the flip side, only Montreal has spent less time trailing than the Caps, who have had to play catch-up for just 167.35 minutes this year (or just over 10 minutes per game).

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