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The Noon Number: Nine in Line

A look at a healthy one-two punch for the Caps in last night’s victory

NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins at Washington Capitals Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

9 - Number of points combined for Nicklas Backstrom (5) and T.J. Oshie (4) in last night’s win over the Penguins. To find the last time two Caps combined for at least nine points in a single game you have to go back to December 10, 2013, when Backstrom and Alex Ovechkin teamed up in a comeback win against the Lightning (putting up five and four points, respectively).

In fact, the Caps have seen just five combined nine-point efforts over the last decade... and Backstrom has been involved in all five:

  • 12/10/13 vs. Tampa - Backstrom (5), Ovechkin (4)
  • 11/11/10 vs. Tampa - Backstrom (4), Alexander Semin (5)
  • 12/5/09 vs. Philadelphia - Backstrom (5), Mike Green (4)
  • 11/12/08 vs. Carolina - Backstrom (4), Semin (5)
  • 3/3/08 vs. Boston - Backstrom (4), Ovechkin (5)

The last time two Caps combined for more than nine points? Way back in 2003, when Jaromir Jagr (yup, him) put up seven points in a 12-2 shellacking of the Panthers and was backed up by a trio of four-point efforts from Peter Bondra, Sergei Gonchar and Kip Miller.