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The Noon Number: Slaying An Egg

A look at how the Capitals’ have performed after being shut out under Barry Trotz.

NHL: San Jose Sharks at Washington Capitals Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

3.38 - The Capitals’ goals per game in the game after a shutout during the Barry Trotz era. This number is a significant lift from the 3.01 goals per game they’ve scored overall in the same period, and is buoyed by the 16 total goals they scored in the 4 games that came after shutouts in 2015-2016. In Trotz’ first year with the organization, his squad only bounced back from shutouts with 2.75 goals per game.

For comparison, when you increase the timeline to capture all of the Alex Ovechkin era, the team has scored 2.80 goals per game in bounce back situations, compared to an overall mark of 3.02 goals per game.