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Tuesday Caps Clips: The Gr8 One

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Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: The Ovi-party continues, the man of the hour earns first star honors, and more.

Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

Your savory breakfast links:

  • The Alex Ovechkin celebration continues... soak it all in, folks:
    • This may be Ovechkin's milestone, but there's a little something in it for those of us that have been through the ups and the downs with him over the years. [Rink]
    • General musings and reflections on the man and the milestone. [TSN.caTrentonianFriends in Cold PlacesPressbox DCLA TimesSportsnet (Dangle - video), ESPNTed's Take]
    • Check out part one of a sit-down chat between Mike Vogel and the captain. [Monumental video]
    • Poor Alex. He had a whole goal celebration planned and it was ruined by his scheming, swarming teammates. [CSNMA]
    • One high-flying #8 welcomes another into the 500-goal club. [NHL.comTSN]
    • Ovechkin's road to Goal #500 wasn't an easy one by any stretch. [Puck Drunk LoveRMNB]
    • Comparing the Gr8 One to the Great One. [WaPoPuck DaddyThe StarSportsnetMedium]
    • Might he also draw comparisons to a superstar from a different sport? [Peerless]
    • Memories to last a lifetime. [Sportsnet]
    • There are two Alex Ovechkins - the one that actually exists and the one that exists solely in narratives. Make sure to scroll through. [The Faceoff Circle]
    • Thanks for a hell of a ride, Alex... [RMNB]
    • ...a ride which ran over 115 different "victims" in net over the years. [WaPo]
    • Look at some more highlights from a sparkling career filled with insanely good goals. [NESN]
    • When you're an elite goal-scorer, the "weapon" of choice matters. [CSNMA]
    • Ovechkin would probably love an Olympic gold medal at some point, but the lack of one doesn't diminish his greatness. []
    • What. A. Weekend. [Deadspin]
  • Philipp Grubauer has now been in net for two Ovechkin milestones this year and is officially the captain's lucky penny. [WaPo]
  • Apparently scoring five goals in four games and picking up your 500th-career tally earns you first star honors from the League. Weird. [RinkCapsWaPoCSNMARMNBStars and SticksRDS]
  • Hey, here's a completely terrifying "what if" scenario: what if George McPhee had traded away the pick that became Ove-... ugh, can't even finish the thought. [CSNMA]
  • Football season is over in the District. Washington fans: we hereby invite you to check out the hottest ticket in town. [WTOP]
  • A trio of thoughts to reflect on and discuss as the week gets underway. [Rink]
  • More on the week that was. [RinkESPNNoVa Caps]
  • Grubauer has the tough task of being Braden Holtby's backup, but he's performed admirably in limited use this year. [NoVa Caps]
  • Could this be the year? ...well?? [Spectors HockeyStars and Sticks]
  • Reflections on the first half of the season, including first-half awards. []
  • A few leftovers from the other stuff that happened in Sunday's win. [Dump 'n Chase
    • Rank 'em! [Rink]
    • Zach Sill picked a pretty cool game in which to get his first goal as a Capital (even if it got a little overshadowed). [Truro Daily]
  • Find out what it's like to experience Madison Square Garden as a Caps fan. [Caps Outsider]
  • Finally, happy 38th birthday to Josef Boumedienne, happy 49th to Ulf Dahlen, and happy 55th to Daryl Evans.