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Monday Caps Clips

Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: Wilson and Bowey arrived at Kettler, Alzner is cautiously optimistic, Carlson is working on the power play and more.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Your savory breakfast links:

  • If you read only one link about Alex Ovechkin today, make it this one. Remember when Mike Knuble labeled him "the people's superstar?" [NVC]
  • Notes and assorted whatnot on Friday's pre-pre-season skatearound at Kettler. The new arrivals included Madison Bowey... [NVC]
    • ... and Tom Wilson. [@NoVa_Caps]
    • John Carlson was asked about his expanding role for the Caps, especially on the power play: "That’s something that works itself out," [he] said of his projected ice time on the man-advantage. "I’ve got to be better passing. I’ve got to read the breakout more. All those things we’ll work on in training camp when we’re under direct supervision." [CSNMA]
    • Karl Alzner will miss some of his buddies for sure, but the new guys look pretty promising. [CSNMA]
    • Justin Williams is not sure of all the names of his new teammates, at least not yet, and is still putting numbers with faces.  Hope the other Caps remind him to put his head on a swivel when mystery forward #8 hits the ice. [CSNMA
    • Stanislav Galiev arrived at Kettler ready to kick ass and eat cobra hearts with pirhana for dessert. And he's all out of snakes... [CSNMA]
    • ... and in the meantime his arrival was delayed by a few days as he was attending the NHLPA's NHL Rookie Orientation Program. [NVC]
  • Hey, let's take a spin on the "Assemble Your Own 3-on-3 Overtime Squad" roulette wheel. [NVC]
  • Washington's excellent penalty kill unit sustained a great deal of damage in the offeason. Is it time to get worried? [S&S]
  • Dobber runs his fantasy teams on the Yahoo platform, but takes a look at the new ESPN rankings and finds at least one Cap listed in the wrong spot.  [Dobber]
  • From the "Where Are They Now?" files, Michael Nylander will help coach up the OHL Mississauga Steelheads. [PHT]
  • Happy 30th birthday to Eric Fehr, happy 36th to Matt Cooke, and happy Labo(u)r Day to all our readers north and south of the border.
  • Finally, please take a moment to remember the passengers and crew of AYK9633, the plane that crashed four years ago today carrying the entirety of the Yarolslavl Lokomotiv hockey team. Dynamo Riga's memorial to the team they never got to to play was timeless. [Puck Daddy]