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Sunday Caps Clips: Happy Tenth Anniversary, Japers' Rink!

Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: The Rink turns ten today!

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Clyde Caplan

Happy tenth anniversary, Japers' Rink!

Ten years ago today, a young aspiring attorney, striving mightily to blunt the panic and pain of studying for the bar exam, logged onto Blogspot for the first time and began writing about a subject that was nearly certainly guaranteed to never, ever be a source of either pain or panic - Washington Capitals hockey.

Ten (!) years later, that aspiring law student is a gainfully employed lawyer, husband, father of two, and ringmaster managing editor of a hockey website that publishes daily and features a masthead of fifteen content providers, nearly seven thousand registered users, countless lurkers and a robust commentariat, covering a (sigh) Caps team still striving towards that elusive championship.

Congrats to you, JP. And thanks.

Now for your savory Sunday brunch links:

  • DevCamp wrapped up with massive crowds for FanFest and a rousing 7-3 victory by Team Red:
    • FanFest highlights. [Monumental (video, photos), RMNB (photos)]
    • Here's a look at DevCamp from the players' perspective. [Monumental (video)]
    • And a report from the post-scrimmage locker room. [Monumental (video)]
    • Hershey coach Troy Mann thought this camp was great for all his new Bear cubs. [Patriot-News (article, video)]
    • The new three-on-three overtime format got a bit of a test run at the scrimmage, and the ensuing "spirited play" cost Chandler Stephenson a tooth. [RMNB]
    • Six intriguing free-agent invites... [THW]
    • ... plus Miles Koules, on his second trip to DevCamp and still in search of a K. [WaPo]
  • The star of the day was new Cap T.J. Oshie , who is beyond excited to be joining his new team. [Monumental (video), WaPo, CSNW (and again), WashTimes, RMNB]
    • "This team is ready to win." [theScore]
  • "Arbitration for Holts and Mojo? NBD." That's Caps GM Brian MacLellan, paraphrased. [Monumental (video), WaPo, CSNW, theScore]
    • Oh, and he wants Stan Galiev to make the big club right out of camp. [Patriot-News, RMNB]
  • Ted Leonsis had a very thoughtful conversation about his obligations to his Captain: "Don’t take Alex Ovechkin for granted. I think that happens sometimes, that you see him all the time, there’s this repetitiveness about his greatness, but when people from outside the organization come in — I think you’ve heard that with Justin Williams — this is the best player in the league. He’s been that for the last 10 years. And the consistency he’s brought is really historic. He doesn’t miss games. He plays hard all the time and I feel I haven’t met my commitment to him that we would build a team that would be able to win Stanley Cups."  There's more. Much more. Go watch/read. [Monumental (video), WaPo, CSNW,, PHT, AP]
  • Finally, today we rightfully congratulate and celebrate JP and his remarkable persistence. But this site would be meaningless without the work of all the people to whom we link each day, without the fellowship of the Rink's many commenters (and you lurkers too!), and without our shared fandom of the one and only Washington Capitals hockey club. Cheers, friends.