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Thursday Caps Clips

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Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: Nate Schmidt is back in the fold, reviewing the rookie general manager, mock drafts, trade rumors and more.

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Your savory breakfast links:

  • The power surge you experienced yesterday morning was Nate Schmidt adjusting the wattage on that killer smile on the news that he has signed a two-year one-way $1.6M contract with the Caps. [Rink, RMNB, GopherSports, Caps Today]
  • The season reviews keep on rolling along:
    • Hosanna hey sanna sanna sanna Hosanna hey sanna Holtby. [Peerless]
    • Reviewing Caps general manager Brian MacLellan's rookie season... [Rink]
    • ... and Barry Trotz's first year behind the Caps bench. [S&S]
    • Lessons learned, and lessons not learned. [DSP]
  • Looking ahead to the draft:
    • With the 22nd selection, the Rink's SBN Minny Wild blogbrethren select ... [Hockey Wilderness]
    • With the 22nd selection, CSNNE selects ... [CSNNE]
    • With the 22nd selection, McKeen's Hockey selects ... [McKeen]
    • Watch your six, major junior hockey, here comes the USHL. Nate Ewell chuckles softly. [THW]
  • Looking ahead to free agency:
    • Lotta "Patrick Sharp to the Caps" smoke blowing around, we'll see if there's any fire. [RMNB]
    • Oh and hey, here's a handy list of the top trade candidates... [THN]
    • ... but don't buy any jerseys until the trade dust has settled a bit. GM's gotta GM. [THN]
    • Mike Green to the Wings! Or to the Flyers! Or not. [My NHL Trade Rumors, CSN Philly]
  • Check it - Malin Elis has another great translation of MrMadHawk's interview with Andre Burakovsky, who is back home in Malmo. [Hockey Ramblings]
  • Alex Ovechkin had the sad duty of attending the funeral of his good friend and former romantic partner Jeanne Friske, who lost a long, difficult battle with brain cancer. (Completely random observation: This may be the first and only picture of Ovi wearing sunglasses.) [KP.ruSovetsky Sport (via GoogleTrans)]
  • So where do pro hockey players go when it's time to hang up the skates? Some go behind the bench. Some go into broadcasting. And some go to Wall Street. [Business Insider]
  • Finally, happy 51st birthday to Bob Rouse.

And just because: