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The Noon Number: Coffee's For Closers Only

A look at the Caps' struggles hammering the final nail in an opponent's coffin

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

.286 - Capitals' individual game winning percentage when they have three wins in a playoff series during the Ovechkin Era, via a 4-10 record. Here's a breakdown, by series:

Year Round Opponent Record with Three Wins Series Result
2008 First Philadelphia 0-1 L, 3-4
2009 First N.Y. Rangers 1-0 W, 4-3
2009 Second Pittsburgh 0-1 L, 4-3
2010 First Montreal 0-3 Let's not talk about it
2011 First N.Y. Rangers 1-0 W, 4-1
2012 First Boston 1-1 W, 4-3
2012 Second N.Y. Rangers 0-1 L, 4-3
2013 First N.Y. Rangers 0-2 L, 4-3
2015 First N.Y. Islanders 1-1 W, 4-3
2015 Second N.Y. Rangers ??? ???

All-time, the Capitals are 12-24 with a chance to close out a best-of-seven series. They'll have up to three chances to add one to the win column against the Rangers this time around, with that first opportunity coming tonight in Manhattan.