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Wednesday Caps Clips: Round 2, Game 7 Game Day

Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: Previews of tonight's Game 7 battle as the Caps head once more into the fray, and more.

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Your savory breakfast links:

  • Previews of yet another Game 7 from VogsNHL.comAPSporting NewsBleacher Report, and for one more go-round, be sure to check out our SB Nation pals over at Blueshirt Banter for the other side of tonight's matchup.
  • GUARANTEEGATE or... something:
    • With the season at stake, Alex Ovechkin is putting himself on the spotlight - and the burden on his shoulders. [WaPoCSNWESPNThe Score]
    • Was it really a guarantee? [WaPo]
    • Come on, Ovi. Less talk, more walk. You 53-goal-scoring slacker. [WashTimesUSA TodayNewsday]
  • History means nothing. [NHL.comWashTimesNY Daily News]
  • Doesn't make it any less painful to relive, though, so hey thanks for that. [Grantland]
  • News and notes from the last practice day of the series: 
    • In general. [Monumental video (TrotzWardBackstromNiskanenHoltbyAlzner). CSNW]
    • Once again, Nate Schmidt gets a trip to the show as insurance in case Tim Gleason can't go... but they're pretty sure he can. [WaPoWashTimesPatriot-News]
    • The Caps certainly know what is at stake tonight, and they're not ready for this run to be over just yet. [WaPoPressbox DC]
    • But do they have what it takes to win? Do they have "It"? [WaPo]
    • Joel Ward certainly seems to, as he's proven time and time again in the postseason. [WaPo]
    • After giving up four goals in an uncharacteristically high-scoring Game 6, Braden Holtby is ready to put that performance behind him. [WaPo]
    • No one is surprised that this one is going seven games - including the Caps themselves. [CSNW]
  • New Yorkers talking New York stuff:
    • The Rangers are staying even-keeled ahead of tonight's game. []
    • Lundqvist and his teammates are looking to keep their streak of Game 7 wins rolling. [NHL.comNewsday]
    • To do that, they might need Rick Nash to deliver. [NY Daily News]
    • They'll also be relying on their fans to try to out-shout the Verizon Center faithful. Even if we are louder. [Newsday]
    • Some people like the hockey-type things that Chris Kreider is doing on the ice. [NHL.comTHWAP]
  • Why the Caps can win. [WaPoESPN 980THW]
  • What they'll need to do to win. [WaPoExpress]
  • Dude, if you're going to be all negative about the Caps' chances tonight, maybe don't do it when you've got one of them on the phone. [CBS DC]
  • There might be a lot of eyes on this game. [Forbes]
  • Game 6 leftovers:
    • Check out Clyde's awesome pics from a not-so-awesome game. [Rink]
    • A Ranger fan charted his heart rate during Game 6, and came up with results that were probably the reverse of every Caps fan's. [SportsnetPuck Daddy]
  • If - IF - the Caps get through this round, their opponent will be waiting for them, as the Tampa Bay Lightning downed the Canadiens last night to advance. [NHL.comPuck DaddyAP]
  • Things have been pretty good for DC sports lately, with the Caps and Wizards performing well in their respective playoff runs... but can it last? [WaPo]
  • Not everyone is a fan of the Caps' jerseys. Which just means that not everyone is all that smart. [THW]
  • Finally, happy 30th birthday to Jaroslav Halak.