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Clyde's Shots: Capitals-Islanders, April 27, 2015

Game Seven. Joel Ward. Evgeny Kuznetsov.

Shot 7: Joel Ward scores in game seven.

Shot 17: In April 2010, the Washington Capitals lost to Jaroslav Halak. A couple months later, they drafted this Evgeny Kuznetsov guy. Any questions?

Shot 19: Think the kid is excited?

Shot 20: And pats the Jason Chimera head for luck?

Shot 24: Not a happy bench of New York Islanders.

Shot 26: The moment Nicklas Backstrom's stick broke was the "Ok, so this is how it happens," moment for long time Caps fans...

Shot 28: ...Except it wasn't that moment at all.

Shot 34: However long it took for Kuznetsov to get to DC, he's in DC now.