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The Noon Number: Trailing Indicators

A look at a playoff series that hasn't looked much like the regular season so far.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

6.9 - Percentage of total game time through three games that the Capitals have held a lead (specifically, the last 12:23 of Game Two), just over one-tenth as much as they've trailed (60.4%). That's quite a departure from the regular season, in which they led for 37.5% of total game time, more than they were tied (36.9%) or trailing (25.6%).

Visually, the difference looks like this:

RS Time by Score

And in the playoffs so far...

PO Time by Score

The Caps were a good team when trailing during the regular season and have generally continued that in the playoffs so far... but it's not a recipe for success. Getting the first lead tonight would be a good start - they've allowed the first goal in each of the three games so far.