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Relive the Magic: A Video History of the Caps

2014-15 marks the 40-year anniversary of the Washington Capitals' inaugural season, and with each year that passes, more and more stories from the early years get forgotten or otherwise lost. Let's try to change that. This is Throwback Tuesday... because who wants to wait 'til Thursday?

George Henschel

Through the 40-year history of the franchise, the Washington Capitals have had their ups and many, many downs, with division titles, heartbreaking losses, a Presidents' Trophy, a rebuild, and 24 (soon to be 25) playoff appearances.

It's a rich history - and yet it's one that hasn't been documented all that well over the years, particularly in video form.

Thankfully, Glenn Dreyfuss, friend of the Rink and the distinguished author of Legends of Landover (which you should buy, because it's great), has done his part to compile memories from the franchise's history - minus some of the less, er, painful moments - for your enjoyment.

So on this Throwback Tuesday, join us for a walk down memory lane... and relive 40 years of the Caps.