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The Noon Number: Game One, Won and Done?

A look at the importance of a quick start in a playoff series

Photo by B Bennett/Getty Images

.758 - Historical series win percentage for all NHL teams when winning game one of a best-of-seven series at home via a 298-95 record, per WhoWins. Visiting clubs that steal home ice with a game one victory have gone on to win 55.4% of best-of-seven series (118-95), though a game one win has been slightly less decisive in the first round, regardless of who has won (home teams have gone on to win 71.5% (88-35) of their preliminary-round series after taking the first game, and visitors have won 51.8% (44-41) when snagging that first game).

As for the Caps, they've opened 19 best-of-seven series at home and won the first game 12 times. Unfortunately, of those dozen, they only went on to win three of those series. And in the seven series in which the Caps lost game one at home, they have three series wins.

Lastly, the Caps have had home-ice advantage in a best-of-seven series against the Islanders twice (1987 and 1993) and won game one both times, only to go on to lose both series.

But history is history... right?