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Clyde's Shots: Capitals-Rangers, April 11, 2015

A forgettable game, but remember the jerseys!

Shot 1: Thank you, fans.

Shot 3: Why is it that every time a home team has some kind of ceremony you get the feeling they're going to turn in a clunker?

Shot 4: Even applies to these guys.

Shot 6: Welcome to the NHL, Stanislav Galiev.

Shots 14 & 15: There's something very Capitals about Brooks Laich holding his gloves. That's why two shots.

Shot 22: Tanner Glass and Tim Gleason...(see Shot 53).

Shot 28. Who doesn't like torque?

Shot 30: Verizon Center. Rangerstown South.

Shot 31: Even Braden Holtby can't believe it.

Shot 36: Number 53.

Shot 43: More torque.

Shot 52: In four on four play, something seemed strange.

Shot 53: All. Night Long.

Shot 58: Easy to spot Karl Alzner in a crowd.