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The Noon Number: Top-Notch Tommy

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A look at Tom Wilson's strong play of late

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

71.9 - Tom Wilson's five-on-five Corsi-For percentage since March 19, tops in the NHL over that span (minimum 50 five-on-five minutes.

Wilson's Corsi-For rate (81.1 per 60) over that span is third-best in the League, his Corsi-Against rate (31.7) is the best mark in the NHL, and his Corsi plus-minus (+42) is tops among forwards. Here's how that looks on a chart:

Willy usage

Wilson's strong play hasn't resulted in any points over this span, but if he keeps playing like this (and this) the rewards will come. So yeah, he may be well on his way to making a splash...