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The Noon Number: Alex Ovechkin vs. The Field

A look how Alex Ovechkin's goal-scoring has stacked up against, well, everyone.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

10 - Difference between Alex Ovechkin's career regular-season goal total (469) and the combined total of the NHL's top non-Ovechkin goal-scorer in each season since Ovechkin entered the League (479). In other words, Ovechkin's average annual goal total is just a hair less than the average top contender the League has thrown at him. That speaks not only to Ovechkin's production, but his durability and consistency as well.

Here's how it all shakes out (asterisk denotes League-leading goal total):

Season Ovechkin's Goal Total Top Non-Ovechkin Goal-Scorer Top Non-Ovechkin Goal-Scorer Total
2005-06 52 Jonathan Cheechoo 56*
2006-07 46 Vincent Lecavalier 52*
2007-08 65* Ilya Kovalchuk 52
2008-09 56* Jeff Carter 46
2009-10 50 Sidney Crosby, Steven Stamkos 51*
2010-11 32 Corey Perry 50*
2011-12 38 Steven Stamkos 60*
2012-13 32* Steven Stamkos 29
2013-14 51* Corey Perry 43
2014-15 47* Steven Stamkos 40
TOTAL 469 479

(Huge h/t to Dave Bizzle for noticing and Gouldie for doin' work.)