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The Noon Number: Ice Cold at Fives

A look at the Capitals' dormant offense at five-a-side

J. Carey Lauder-USA TODAY Sports

121:06 - Total time the Caps have played at five-on-five since their last five-on-five goal from someone other than Alex Ovechkin (who has one during that stretch). That span covers 138:51 of total game time and dates back to Mike Green's second-period tally against Buffalo three games ago.

Since that Green goal, other-than-Ovechkin Caps have gone 0-for-45 on their five-on-five shots and the team has just four five-on-five goals (two from forwards) in its last six games (none against the Rangers, Curtis Glencross against Dallas, Nate Schmidt against Boston, Green against Buffalo, Ovechkin against Minnesota and none against Winnipeg). Here's how the forwards look at fives over the last half-dozen games:

Forwards L6

But wait, there's more!

L16 Caps Fs