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The Noon Number: Discipline and Wins

A look at the Capitals' ability to stay out of the penalty box and in the win column

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

17 - Number of wins the Caps have in games in which they've been shorthanded three times or fewer, including last night's one-shorthanded-opportunity win over Los Angeles. Overall, they're 17-6-6 in those games, and 9-9-4 in games in which they've been on the penalty kill four times or more.

Of note, during their 14-1-4 run from December 4 through January 14, the Caps averaged 3.4 times shorthanded per game; during the 1-4-2 stretch that followed, that number ballooned to 4.3. Here's a look at their year-to-date penalty kills per game, through last night: