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The Noon Number: Big Minutes for Special Teams

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A look at last night's time spent at uneven strength

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

20:36 - Total ice time in last night's Caps/Pens game spent with one team having a five-on-four advantage (10:04 for Washington, 10:32 for Pittsburgh). That's the most power-play time in a Caps game since January 30, 2014 when Washington played 10:27 with an extra man and Columbus had 11:01 of five-on-four time.

Of note, there wasn't a power play in last night's game until the 11:47 mark of the first period and only four seconds of power-play time (thanks, Ovi) after a carry-over penalty to start the third expired, meaning that there was 20:32 of power-play time in the span of 29:15 of game time.