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The Noon Number: Broom Service

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A look at season series sweeps in The Ovechkin Era

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

10 - Number of four (or more) -game seasons series sweeps the Caps have had since the 2004-05 season lockout. Here they are, chronologically:

Season Opponent Number of Games
2006-07 Philadelphia 4
2007-08 Ottawa 4
2008-09 Tampa Bay 6
2008-09 N.Y. Islanders 4
2009-10 Atlanta 6
2009-10 Florida 6
2009-10 Pittsburgh 4
2010-11 N.Y. Islanders 4
2011-12 Montreal 4
2012-13 Florida 4

Washington will try to add an eleventh to that list tonight when they host Pittsburgh, whom they've beaten in their three previous meetings this season.