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The Noon Number: The Gr8 One

A look at one of the great goal scorers of all-time

Photo by Clyde Caplan

543 - Number of "Adjusted Goals" for Alex Ovechkin through his 29-year-old season, with plenty of the campaign still remaining. Per Hockey-Reference:

Adjusted Statistics

In order to account for different schedule lengths, roster sizes, and scoring environments, some statistics have been adjusted. All statistics have been adjusted to an 82-game schedule with a maximum roster size of 18 skaters and league averages of 6 goals per game and 1.67 assists per goal.

In other words, it's a way to compare players over different eras.

So how does Ovechkin stack up, historically, by this metric? Well, here's the top-8 goal-scorers through their 29-year-old season:

Player Goals
Wayne Gretzky 677
Mike Bossy 535
Mario Lemieux 494
Steve Yzerman 481
Jarri Kurri 474
Jaromir Jagr 470
Michel Goulet 460
Alex Ovechkin 460

Not bad - six Hall-of-Famers and two active shoo-ins for the Hall. But what if we look at these eight players and their Adjusted Goals through 29-year-old seasons?

Player Adjusted Goals
Alex Ovechkin 543
Wayne Gretzky 542
Jaromir Jagr 503
Mike Bossy 429
Steve Yzerman 416
Mario Lemieux 412
Jarri Kurri 380
Michel Goulet 350

Oh. Oh my.

(Big h/t to @alasky7)