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The Noon Number: Close but No Cigar

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A look at Washington's struggles in close games

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

10 - Number of one-goal losses for the Capitals in both regulation and overtime/shootout games, after adding one to each column over the weekend. Washington is the only team to be in double-digits for losses in each of those categories, has the League's sixth-lowest win percentage in one-goal games, and there are only two teams with more losses in each category (Calgary and Carolina in one-goal regulation losses, Colorado and Los Angeles in overtime/shootout losses). Moreover, in their current six-losses-in-seven-games stretch, each of those six defeats has been by a single goal (four in regulation).

On the plus side, one-goal games are essentially coin flips and don't tell you much about the future, so the Caps' good Within-1 possession numbers should be encouraging going forward... but they're not going to erase those 20 losses.