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The Noon Number: Putting the "D" in Shorthanded Goal

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A look at a rarity from last night that you might not have realized was so rare

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

2,201 - Days in between shorthanded goals from Capitals defensemen prior to last night's nail-in-Pittsburgh's-coffin from John CarlsonMike Green scored the previous shorty by a Caps rearguard back on February 7, 2009, also into an empty net. In fact, the Caps' last three man-down markers from rearguards have all (perhaps unsurprisingly) been into vacated cages (Jeff Schultz had the third on January 14, 2009). Of further note, three of the last four shorthanded goals by Caps defenders have been come against Pittsburgh - Carlson's, Schultz's... and this beauty from Ivan Majesky on March 8, 2006:

(h/t Hockey-Reference, of course)