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Wednesday Caps Clips: Pendemonium

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Washington Capitals daily news and notes: The Caps defeat the Penguins to complete their longest roadie of the season, returning to Washington with six points, three ROW, and a lifetime of stories.

Matt Kincaid/Getty Images

Your savory breakfast links:

  • Recaps of a third glorious win from us, Vogs, Monumental video (Trotz, Holtby, Ward, Orpik, Beagle, Ovechkin),, AP, WaPo, CSNW (gamerblog), Peerless, Frankovic, DSP (plus three stars), Stars and Sticks, RMNB and from the Pens' end of the ice, Pensburgh, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, The Pensblog, Beaver County Times and TribLive.
    • "The game featured a couple fights, a lot of skill, a whole bunch of controversy, many hurt feelings, thousands of angry fans, 68 penalty minutes and countless extremely watchable six-second clips." Dan Steinberg was greatly entertained by this game. [DC Sports Bog]
    • Not so entertaining? The barrels of pixels being spilled in discussing Alex Ovechkin's encounter with Kris Letang that started with a open-ice puck battle and ended with Letang plastered to the boards and Ovi under fire for committing a slashing infraction (and/or getting away with it when no penalty was called):
      • Point - Was too so a penalty! Somebody should of Done Something about it!!!!! [Eye on HockeyFTWCBCPHT, THN]
      • Counterpoint - GTFO. That was a hockey play. Because battling and stuff. [WaPo, PPG]
      • Related - Cheap shots abounded all game long, you guys. [CSNWRMNB (and again)]
      • Somewhat related - our last bullet today, down at the bottom.
    • Todd Reirden was surprised to see some of the changes on the Pens' power play. [TribLive]
    • That goal... [RMNB]
    • ... and that pass. Lordy, that pass. [RMNB]
  • News and notes from yesterday's pregame skate:
  • Is Brooks Orpik already not living up to his contract? (Sure lived up to it last night.) [DSP]
  • Depth scoring from the forwards from each NHL team, visualized. Now I need some quarters and a slice of pie. [Pensburgh]
  • Nicklas Backstrom by the numbers. Why isn't he getting more love around the Lig? [FanPost]
    • He's got the love of his employer, for true... [Ted's Take]
    • ... and is making more magic with his linemate. [NBC4]
  • Nate Schmidt really really really wants to get back into games this weekend, though he probably shouldn't. At any rate his recovery is certainly coming along. [Patriot-News]
  • Question: Who is the NHL's best player? Answer: It depends. [TribLive]
  • Thanks dad! [Caps Outsider]
  • March 2 draws near. Time for some trading posts:
    • As the Caps mull over Mike Green's future with the club, here's an instructive review of previous  skilled blueliners and how they fared after being traded or allowed to walk in their primes. [FanPost]
    • Here's a trade deadline primer. [Fourth Period]
    • Jaromir Jagr, hot commodity. []
    • Daniel Winnik might be nice if the reported asking price comes down a little, or even a lot. [Stars and Sticks]
  • All Beagle, all the time. [SB Nation]
  • Aw, Papa Ovechkin wasn't available to go on the fathers' trip this time because he and Mama Ovechkin were tasked with delivering 70 bags of hockey gear to a orphanage in Russia. Oh, and Ovi will be defending his dissertation one of these days. Wait, he's what the what? [RMNB, and again]
  • Finally, approach, students, that you may learn: AO8 and the art of Zen badassery. If you click only one link today, make it this one. [Sporting News]