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The Noon Number: Going Back to Cali

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A look at the Caps' recent (and not-so-recent) struggles in the Golden State.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

8 - Number of non-shootout wins for the Capitals in California since the start of the lockout-shortened 1995 season.

Washington will visit San Jose, Los Angeles and Anaheim between now and Sunday; here's how they've done against each over the past two decades:

Opponent Caps' Record (W-L-T-S/O L) Last Regulation/Overtime Win Streak
San Jose 1-11-1-0 October 30, 1993 W1 (SOW, 3/22/14)
Los Angeles 3-7-2-1 December 14, 2005 SOL1, L3 prior
Anaheim 5-6-1-0 March 8,. 2014 W4