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The Noon Number: No Streaking Allowed

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A look at a pretty impressive pattern the Caps have going to start the season

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

1 - The longest losing streak the Caps have had so far this year, as they've now gone 18 games without back-to-back losses. They're one of just two teams (along with the Stars) that that has yet to lose consecutive games at all, with a couple more (Nashville and Ottawa) having not yet suffered back-to-back setbacks in regulation.

This is the deepest Washington has gone into a season without two losses in a row since 1980-81, when they went 25 straight games to start the year (although in those pre-overtime days, ten of those 25 were ties). The closest they've come since? A 12-game run in 1986-87, although the 2006-07 squad went 20 games before dropping back-to-back games in regulation.

Having lost last night, the Caps will look to keep this streak-less streak alive against Colorado, presumably with their stopper in net.