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The Noon Number: Shots Not Fired

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A look at a stifling Capitals' defense

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

374 - Shots on goal the Capitals have allowed through 15 games, fewest in the League and the fewest for the team over a 15-game span since they allowed just 372 during the stretch from November 28 through December 29, 2007 (a.k.a. games four through 18 of the Boudreau Era).

Graphically, the Caps' 15-game rolling shots-against since the 2004-05 lockout looks like this:


What makes the current shot-suppression span all the more impressive is, knowing what we know about score effects, the fact that the Caps have done it while playing with the lead 33.5% of the time and trailing just 24.5% of total minutes while compiling an 11-4-0 record (which is similar to, but a little better than 2007's 32.2%/26.8% split with a 7-4-4 mark).

The best defense remains a puck-possession offense...

H/t to on the data and Vogs for planting the thought.