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Capitals Power Rankings Roundup: Week 6

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Our weekly temperature-taking of the mainstream media's opinions on the Washington Capitals.

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5 4 Big picture

The Caps' loss to the New York Rangers on Tuesday hurt a bit; the two clubs are fighting for top spot in the Metropolitan Division and that defeat is the difference between first and second place. Still, Washington moved on immediately, beating Boston in its next game and following that up with a shootout win over the Maple Leafs. The Capitals haven't lost two in a row all season, which is a really good way to hang around the top of the standings.

By the numbers

The impressive thing about Washington is the team's current performance doesn't set off any red flags at five-on-five. The club's save percentage is just a touch low, and it's shooting percentage os just a touch high, but the two effects cancel each other out. The Caps' positive goal differential is driven entirely at even strength by dominance on the shot clock (55.3 percent score-adjusted Corsi, which is good for second best in the NHL), something that tends to be sustainable over the long haul.  (November 9)
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3 2 Recent losses to Metropolitan Division foes Pittsburgh and the New York Rangers recently provided some of the few stumbles for the Caps this year. Alex Ovechkin, meanwhile, is about to become the top Russian goal scorer in NHL history. (November 10)
6 5 Alex Ovechkin has only one power play goal, but is still only two goals shy of the league lead and the Caps are 10-3. (November 9)
4 3 On the same weekend Sergei Fedorov was enjoying the Hall of Fame induction festivities, former teammate Alexander Ovechkin tied him for the most goals ever scored by a Russian-born player in the NHL. Congrats to the Great 8, who one day will obviously join his countryman in the Hall. (November 9)
4 3 The Capitals found themselves down 2-1 against the Toronto Maple Leafs when all of a sudden Alexander Ovechkin found the net for the second time in the game to tie it up. Or did he? Ovie’s goal was waived off after a coaches’ challenge. But with .8 seconds left in the game, Nicklas Backstrom smacked a puck into the net. The Caps would go on to win it in a shootout. A resilient bunch, those Capitals. (November 9)
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4 7 Alex Ovechkin: the highest scoring Russian-born player ever and 17 goals to go before he hits 500. (November 9)
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5 5 Capitals winger Alexander Ovechkin is having another impressive season with 16 points in 13 games, and he tied new Hockey Hall of Famer Sergei Fedorov on Monday for the most goals scored by a Russian-born player. (November 11)
5 6 What's good: The Capitals entered Thursday having outshot their opposition in four straight games and in 10 of 14 games this season.

What's not so good: They had scored more than two goals in only one of their previous seven games. (November 13)
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5 8 .In an era dominated by goalies, Alex Ovechkin stands alone.

"The truth is that we are witnessing one of the most amazing players in NHL history, even if not all of us understand that yet." (Kevin Allen, USA Today Sports) (November 11)
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5 2 Good things happen when you shoot the puck. Alex Ovechkin landed 21 on net over the Caps’ past three contests and picked up three goals for his efforts. That guy might have a future in this game. Last week: 2-1-0 (November 10)
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- 2 (Not this week, sports fans)
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5 7 ."Clearly, Fedorov had a little word with the hockey gods, said 'I want Ovi to break my record where I can see it.' The hockey gods complied." — @ATPinDC [Ed. Note: Yeah, not so much] (November 12)
- 3 (Guess not)
3 5 The Washington Capitals look just as lethal as everyone expected them to be, as the incredible offensive talent on the team is complimented by strong defensive play, and excellent goaltending. On defense, Nate Schmidt and Dmitry Orlov have been particularly impressive, as the young blue liners have helped fill the gap left by Mike Green’s absence. Both players have sc-adj SAT-percentages over 60-percent.

Outside of the Montreal Canadiens, no team in the East looks good enough to beat the Capitals. The Metro Division is Washington’s to take, and if they keep playing like this, it will be there’s to have at the end of the season. (November 7)
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4 2 Alex Ovechkin tied Sergei Fedorov for most goals (483) by a Russian-born player in 476 fewer games. (November 9)

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