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Capitals vs. Red Wings Recap: Caps Fall 1-0 on Bad Luck

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One unhappy bounce of the puck was all it took for the Red Wings to steal two points from the Washington Capitals Tuesday night in Detroit.

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It all came down to the third period after 40 scoreless minutes on Tuesday night in Detroit. Andreas Athanasiou (and his eyebrows) scored 5 minutes into third on a throw-away toss from a sharp angle that unluckily squirted through on Braden Holtby. That's all it would take as the Red Wings would win, 1-0.

Here's Tuesday night's Plus/Minus:

  • Plus: Braden Holtby looked excellent, only going down on a bad luck bounce from a sharp angle.
  • Minus: Mike Green looked very good on defense, darn it. Don't twist the knife, Greeny.

Game highlights:

Ten more notes on tonight's game:

  • On a night when Mike Green's ex-boyfriends came to town, he played some remarkably abstinent defense. He shut down a dangerous 2-on-1 in the second period, and generally looked like he wanted to bring his best game tonight. Living well, and all...
  • Nate Schmidt, the third-pairing defenseman, had his third consecutive good-to-very-good game for the big league club. Schmidt is smothering and insistent on defense, and compelling and complementary on offense. Trotz might have noticed, too (more on that re: Orpik, below)
  • The Capitals decided to take their overdue review karma into their own hands in the first period, when Braden Holtby very obviously - but thankfully, only presumably - hid a goal under his glove and snuck it back out of the net. No conclusive evidence? You must acquit. No goal, Red Wings, and the Capitals finally have a review go their way.
  • Brooks Orpik left the game in the second period with a lower-body injury. No word yet on his condition; he will be evaluated on Wednesday. Interestingly, Nate Schmidt, of all D-men, was tapped to take his place on the top pairing.
  • Braden Holtby looked very good, saving several high-risk chances and only allowing one fart-can of a sharp-angle blooper. Some night's you're the windshield...
  • Petr Mrazek played lights-out goaltending for Detroit, saving more than one Ovechkin blast that would put the fear of God into weaker men.
  • Speaking of Mrazek, Ovechkin dapped up the goaltender after one particularly flashy series of desperation saves. The great scorer respects a worthy adversary.
  • Ovechkin was unable to beat Sergei Fedorov's goal-scoring record for skaters from the Fatherland with the newly-minted Hall of Famer in attendence. Oh well, now he can do it at home...
  • With one minute left in regulation, the in-arena music began playing Journey. Mercy! Put us out of our misery!

Coulda woulda shoulda. The Capitals will want to shake this one off before they face the division-rival Flyers on Thursday.