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Clyde's Shots: Capitals-Blackhawks, January 1, 2015 (Part 4)

44 images in our fourth and final 2015 Winter Classic gallery

The Winter Classic photos are finally finished with this fourth installment. Thanks for your patience. Hope you enjoy them!

Shot 5: Braden Holtby standing tall even when whoops.

Shot 7: Penalty killing because penalties need to be killed.

Shot 8: Kinda makes you wonder where everyone else was.

Shot 12: All game, it looked like "FC," which made no sense since that would be a third sport mixed into the game.

Shot 17: Because you haven't seen enough wide angle shots of Nationals Park.

Shot 23: Andrew Shaw must have been pinning John Carlson to the ice for a full five seconds.

Shot 24: Penalties still needed to be killed. And they were.

Shot 25: Eyes may be closed, but Brooks Orpik is standing there.

Shots 26-30 (plus Shots 14 and 15 in Part 1): Too many shots of this goal and celebration? No.

Shots 31-33 (plus Shot 16 in Part 1): Was the cushion toss anyone else's favorite part of the game that wasn't actually part of the game?

Shots 37 and 38: The "Gold Standard," unlike a certain black and gold team sticks around for...

Shot 39: ...the handshake.

Shot 44: Hopefully no fans were injured in fights over the sticks the Capitals were tossing into the stands at the end.