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Clyde's Shots: Capitals-Blackhawks, January 1, 2015 (Part 3)

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The third round of photos from the 2015 Winter Classic

This is the third gallery of 2015 Winter Classic photos. Be sure to see the others. There will be at least one more.

Shot 10: Everyone got a good look at Matt Niskanen's hit on Brandon Saad, even the camera.

Shot 12: This was not Troy Brouwer's goal.

Shot 14: Jason Chimera still has wheels.

Shot 16: Alex Ovechkin skates past all the Washington Capitals.

Shot 22: Eric Fehr likes to score outside. See this one in the first Winter Classic gallery.

Shot 24: A Capitals Winter Classic.

Shot 25: Eric Fehr in the sun.

Shot 27: No one else looks like Mike Green when passing the puck.

Shot 28: It's an oddball glass distortion.

Shot 29: Ovechkin chasing a puck. Classic.

Shot 31: If you were Jason Chimera, would you listen to Patrick Sharp?

Shot 32: A Braden Holtby Winter Classic.

Shot 34: The future's so bright, Karl Alzner's gotta wear shades.

Shot 35: The wasn't Brouwer's goal either.

Shot 36: Niskanen in the sun.

Shot 39: Ovechkin finally nets a Winter Classic goal...

Shot 40: ...and, boy, does he seem happy about it.

Shot 42: But Brooks Laich and Brouwer say, "Ah whoops."

Shot 43: And the Chicago Blackhawks say, "We're back in it."

Shot 44: This shot confuses me.