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Saturday Caps Clips: Basking in the (Low-Rated) Afterglow

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Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: Ratings were low, but praise high, for this year's Winter Classic featuring the Caps and 'Hawks, and more.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Your savory breakfast links:

  • Some Winter Classic leftovers:
    • Relive some more beautiful moments from a beautiful event with these awesome pics from Clyde... [Rink (part 1part 2)]
    • ...and more pictures from around the interwebs, including the gigapixel picture snapped at the precise moment that the 'Hawks tied the game. Say "blown lead!" [NHL.comCaps OutsiderRMNB]
    • Ted Leonsis offered up the Winter Classic as a tribute to all of us fans, and we accepted it gratefully. [CSNW]
    • More thoughts on the game, including some special teams that were special at the perfect time. [WaPoStars and Sticks]
    • When Troy Brouwer scored the game-winning goal with 13 seconds to go, the celebration that ensued on the ice was nothing short of classic. [NBC4Caps OT]
    • It induced a pretty great celebration in the stands, too, especially from a couple of his biggest fans. [RMNB]
      • Lucky shoes? Lucky shoes. [RMNB]
    • Brooks Orpik jokingly implies that Nats GM Mike Rizzo's Blackhawks jersey helped fire them up. At least we're pretty sure he was joking. [WaPo]
    • Fans at the Winter Classic left notes of thanks to our brave men and women of the military on the USO board, part of a broader theme of honoring the armed forces. [Defense.govCaps Outsider]
    • A day after the Caps and 'Hawks wrapped up their exciting game, the Wounded Warriors took to the ice at Nats Park for a Classic of their own. [ABC7Fox5NBC4]
    • The ratings are in, and... they're not great. Okay, really not great. [Puck DaddySI.comThe ScoreNBC ChicagoChicago Tribune]
    • Those low ratings are just proof - proof, I tells ya! - that the League needs to stop giving the game to teams that some people deem unworthy. Er, that are "bigger draws". []
    • Low ratings or not, the game featured the best playing surface of any of the games, to say nothing of a great experience for all in attendance. [NBC4WBJSports on EarthBleacher ReportSFGateRevCity Sports]
    • And yet, apparently it's something that needs to be fixed. [Puck DaddyTHW]
    • Which goalie had the edge in this one? You know, besides the one who got the 'W'. [THW]
    • A game designed to make money by a professional sports league whose job is to make money? The HORROR. [WaPo]
    • The city could learn a few things from what the Caps and the NHL did Thursday afternoon. [Puck Buddys]
  • The Caps dodged several bullets on Thursday, but their recent proclivity toward taking more penalties is hurting them in more ways than one. [Rink]
  • This is your near-daily reminder that Alex Ovechkin and Barry Trotz are getting along just fine, thank you. [Sports Network]
  • Things are going pretty well for the Caps, at a team and individual level. [ (Super 16Weekes), CSNWSI.comESPN]
  • Part of that is due to their recent ability to crash the net and get results. [RMNB]
  • That said, they've got their eye on something more than just a Winter Classic win - and they're hoping that Winter Classic win can get them to the next level. [WaPo]
  • Learn more about Madison Bowey's story, as the Caps' prospect looks to help Team Canada to their first gold medal at the WJC in six years. [TSN (video)]
  • Finally, happy 46th birthday to Steve Poapst, and happy 41st to Stefan Ustorf.