The Archivist's Corner: Ovechkin Should Leave DC

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(One in an occasional series in which we prove that the internet is forever)

I work in Government Records for a living, and I've always had a healthy interest in historical documents. The National Archives, quite literally, holds the actual physical "story" of America, with documents ranging from landmark civil rights cases to the check written to purchase Alaska to Elvis' letter to President Nixon.

With that being said, it's always been incredibly interesting to me to go back and, with the benefit of hindsight, look at the attitudes and values expressed during different periods of history. In what started as a random Twitter conversation a few days ago that spiraled into what became this project, JP and I started looking through the past ten years or so to find classic Alex Ovechkin Hot Takes from when a young, mirrored visor-wearing dynamo from Dynamo took the league by storm.

Today's set of takes center on Alex Ovechkin being "wasted" in the backwater NHL market that was Washington, DC. Here's Scott Burnside in 2006, from when the Penguins came within a Marc-Andre Fleury eyelash of moving to Kansas City (remember THAT?)

Washington Capitals: Let's review. Fans in the nation's capital wouldn't come out when the Capitals boasted Jaromir Jagr, the game's most exciting player. Now, they won't come out when the Caps boast one of the hardest-working teams in the NHL and one of the game's most exciting figures in Alexander Ovechkin. Maybe that's a sign. We're just guessing, but we bet fans in Houston or Kansas City, or even Waterloo, Ontario, would appreciate Glen Hanlon's squad a whole lot more.

Waterloo, Ontario!

Here's the response from the Rink to that particular Burnside piece.

One of the great thing about being an unaffiliated blogger is that I can write things that the mainstream media or team-employed writers can't. For instance, you'll never see "Alexander Ovechkin has been scoring more than the sheep on 'Hurricanes fans drink free night' in Raleigh" appear on Tarik's blog. You'll never read "Steve Eminger couldn't punch his way out of a piss-soaked paper bag" on Vogel's blog. And there aren't too many places you'll read "Scott Burnside can go f..k himself."

But I can write it. In fact, I'm pretty sure I just did (well, almost anyway).

Now that's some hot fire. Poor Steve Eminger :(

Larry Brooks in November 2007, pleading "Opt Out, Alex!"

There’s a new coach in Washington after two years of regressing under Glen Hanlon, and the guess is there will be a new GM, too, by the end of the season if George McPhee’s team doesn’t show marked progress between now and the end of the year.

Amid all this uncertainty and performing in a backwater hockey room with talents designed for the big stage, why would Ovechkin commit now to remaining in Washington?

Sinatra left Hoboken, didn’t he?

Here's Jack Todd in December of 2007, envisioning Alex Ovechkin as a Hab

All it will take is, oh, $120 million over 15 years and a slew of first-round picks. Or the Canadiens can go another route: If the Capitals are reasonably certain they're bound to lose Ovechkin, the Habs might be able to swing a multi-player deal, offering Washington any player on the roster not named Carey Price. The Canadiens get Ovechkin, while the Caps get a balanced lineup capable of winning hockey games.

Of all things that strike me about this article, Todd was weirdly prescient on Ovechkin's new contract, which ended up being 13/124.

Finally, here's my personal favorite, in which Peter Worthington of the Toronto Sun demands Alex Ovechkin be dealt to, of all places, Toronto.

As for Ovechkin, would the Caps trade him for, say, Sundin and any three others? They'd be crazy not to.

Would it be crazy for the Leafs to do it?

Great as Sundin is, and Tucker, McCabe, Kaberle and any Leaf you care to name, they've never brought the team close to a Stanley Cup.

So what are some of your favorite "DC is a bad hockey market" takes?

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