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Clyde's Shots: Capitals-Oilers, January 20, 2015

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A photo theme falls down within another come from ahead loss by the Caps

Shot 1: Probably not the game Braden Holtby was visualizing.

Shot 3: A photo theme in this game are players falling all over each other. Here, it's Jay Beagle over Nikita Nikitin.

Shot 4: When you're drawing penalties against the Edmonton Oilers less than two minutes in, what could possibly go wrong, right?

Shot 6: Right? Especially when you score on that delayed penalty call less than two minutes in.

Shot 8: And the coaches remind you there are still 58 minutes left to play, so it must be covered.

Shot 10: Back to the photo theme, Jack Hillen gives Jordan Eberle a ride.

Shot 12: When Alex Ovechkin scores two goals in the first period for the Washington Capitals, the game may as well be over, right?

Shot 14: Oh.

Shot 15: And the coaches remind you about that other end of the ice.

Shot 16: Tom Wilson continues to be...

Shot 17: ...a one man wrecking machine...

Shot 18: ...continuing the theme sending Boyd Gordon for a fall.

Shot 19: When Beagle scores this season, the Capitals win. Period. Oh, wait. It's just the first period?

Shot 25: Joel Ward carries on the theme falling over Viktor Fasth.

Shot 30: The faceoff that needed to be won but wasn't.

Shot 31: Happiness is a warm...oh, never mind.

Shot 33: When Niklas Backstrom scores, The Caps must have it covered.

Shot 34: Even Eberle looks to go down for the count.

Shot 36: Then it starts happening all over again, but that's what a cushion is for.

Shot 37: Tom Wilson gets back to the photo theme with Derek Roy.

Shot 38: Just like that, it happened again.

Shot 39: The uninspired advertisement for an uninspired product aimed at those with uninspired desire tells you everything you need to know before you even see the score.