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GIF Tournament Stanley Cup Final Showdown: Ovechkin vs. Backstrom

16 began, 2 remain as the last GIFs standing battle it out for GIFdom's greatest prize...

Collage by Brendan Sheridan

After five weeks and thousands of votes, the pool of contestants has been whittled down and weeded out to get to today - and now only two remain, two GIFs standing above the rest as your favorites. Both have trampled the competition in every round, dominating the votes en route to this final showdown.

And the two finalists are...


Ovechkin's magical puck-juggling skills garnered 677 votes through the first three rounds, downing a tossed Ott, a Green toe-drag and some overtime MoJo. Now they'll face their toughest task yet as they head up against...


Backstrom's slick pass collected 643 votes, toppling a flying hatOvechkin's soccer stylings and Tom Wilson's first NHL point. Now it goes head-to-head with another Ovechkin move in the final round of the tournament.

But who will take the top spot? Who will win your hearts in the final battle royale? Who will take home the coveted Stanley Cup of GIFs? Only you can decide, so make sure to cast your vote!

Voting for the final round will close at 10:00 pm ET on Thursday, September 4.