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Saturday Caps Clips

Daily Washington Capitals news and notes: Looking back on some more players' seasons, looking ahead at the options for GM and coach, and more.


Your savory breakfast links:

  • Top-pair defenseman and US Olympian John Carlson gets his turn in the grading cycle... [RinkRMNB]
  • ...and so does since-departed and often-cranky forward Martin Erat. [CSNW]
  • And while we're handing out grades, how about some for the guys behind the bench and the one behind the moves? [THW]
  • On the surface, the Caps' penalty kill was not great this season, but you may be surprised to find out just HOW not great it actually was. Worst. Penalty kill. Ever. [RMNB]
  • In his final remarks to the press earlier this week, George McPhee claimed that the Caps were close to the Cup - but how realistic is that claim? The Post discusses. [WaPo (video)]
  • Whether or not that claim comes true will rest on the shoulders of the next GM and next coach... whomever that may be. [CSNW]
  • Meanwhile Ted Leonsis is remaining mum on whether the Caps will look to bring in Wayne Gretzky (please no) or John Tortorella (PLEASE NO). We really have no opinion either way. [WaPo]
  • The focus of the incoming regime will be on the man with the 'C' on his chest - as it has been, as it will always be, until the end of time. Or his contract. [NBC4]
  • Mike Vogel has his end-of-season chat with Jack Hillen. [Monumental Video]
  • After something of a meteoric rise to the NHL last year, Steve Oleksy had to deal with being demoted to the AHL. Now he's got his eye on making it back to the show in 2014-15. [THW]
  • Finally, happy 60th birthday to Robbie Moore, happy 57th to Rod Langway, and happy 37th to hometown hero Jeff Halpern.