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The Noon Number: Three Goals or Busted

A look at Adam Oates's Capitals' difficulty winning low-scoring games

Bruce Bennett

0 - Number of games the Capitals have won this season in which they've failed to score three goals (not including the team goal awarded for a shootout win), making them the only team in the League with that distinction as they sport an 0-25-6 record in those games (they do have four 3-2 shootout wins). Dating back to the beginning of last season, the Caps have just one regular season win in which they've scored two or fewer goals - a 2-1 shootout win last April against the New York Islanders - which is also the fewest in the League (and 1-41-7 mark in those games; no other team has fewer than five wins).

Per, if the Caps finish out the season without a win when scoring two-or-fewer goals in regulation or overtime, it will be the second time in team history they failed to do so in consecutive seasons. The first? You guessed it - 1974-75 and 1975-76 (a span over which they went 0-84-4 when failing to score three goals, and any time you're keeping company with those teams... yikes).

(And yes, this is an update to an earlier Noon Number... and it's still mind-boggling terrible. Also, s/t to @AdamVingan for shedding new light on this old problem recently, and there's more and still more over at the WaPo.)