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Capitals in Motion: Close Calls and Kuz on Camera

The week that was in the pretty moving pictures that were, from Ward's slick pass to Backy's bombs and everything in between.

Brendan Sheridan

Welcome back! The Caps' regular season has resumed (along with everything that comes with it, for better or for worse), and that means it's time for another week's worth of GIFs - but not before we take a look back at the one that stole your heart, and your votes, before we stepped away for the Olympics.

Yeah, this one is a little bittersweet. Because our last pre-break winner is also our last GIF look at Michal Neuvirth in a Caps' jersey:


Way to go out in style, Neuvy. Best of luck in Buffalo.

We now switch our attention back to the guys who are still here, and who have had something of an uneven - but nonetheless eventful - week, on and off the ice. Kicking things off, we bring you one of the better moments from last Sunday's game against the Flyers. know, pre-collapse.

Here's Jay Beagle showing off his well-known nose for the net, and Joel Ward displaying the silky mitts we all knew he had:


A totally normal play for these particular Caps. Ahem.

So Beagle and Ward have shown that they know what to do with a puck around the net - but what about their goaltender? Surely Braden Holtby has the same high level of stickhandling ability and awareness t-....


...yikes. That was... yikes. Okay. Everyone breathing? Everyone conscious? Defibrillators for everyone, hooray!

Let's lighten things up a bit and head into the Caps' locker room, where you only have to bring in Mike Vogel and a camera to get these guys acting like goobers. Now, we've heard that Nicklas Backstrom, the Caps' usually stoic Swedish pivot, normally eschews the spotlight in favor of his more outgoing teammates.

Could've fooled us:


Backy-bombs away!

Interview-bombing has become a bit of a pastime for this Caps' team, but it's not every day that it involves props. Of course, it's not every day that Brouwer does an interview in front of some giant balloons (courtesy of the Brouwer Rangers):


Karl Alzner shows everyone just how he feels about large inflatable shiny objects. Geez, what did that '0' ever do to you, Karl?

Finally, it's been a pretty exciting few days here in DC as the Caps have a brand-new player in the mix. And to prove that he is no Loch Ness Monster; no elusive unicorn, we have video proof that he really does exist - and is gosh darn happy to be here.

Ladies and gentlemen, Evgeny Kuznetsov:


So that about does it for this week - before we let you go pass judgment on this week's GIFs, though, a little nostalgia to get you set for the week ahead. And with the Caps taking on the Penguins tomorrow night in the first of two straight games, here's a look back at the second of two straight goals for Eric Fehr at the 2011 Winter Classic:


Not as funny as his first of the game, but a darn pretty one to be sure.

Have a great week, everyone!

(As always, stick tap to Brendan of Capitals Hill for his GIF guru assistance - be sure to follow him on Twitter @CapitalsHill)